'The Golden Mask' Visual Development
Tim holleyman boats colour 10

The Priests boat

Tim holleyman 20171111 tim walkways
Tim holleyman 021022017 tim temple approach
Tim holleyman 24112017 arrival of the boats th

The boat arrives at the city

Tim holleyman colour thumbnails

A selection of colour thumbnails

Tim holleyman old boats
Tim holleyman 07102017 view to city wall th
Tim holleyman 090218 island th singleframe

Tiny thumbnail for the approach to the island

Tim holleyman 01022018 island 01

Small thumbnails exploring the light show over the island

Tim holleyman 20170906 tim sanxingdui priest
'The Golden Mask' Visual Development

Here is some visual development work I did for a project called 'The Golden Mask'
I was mainly looking at the environment and overall look and feel of the city which was based on ancient Sanxingdui culture. I believe the film is moving through development and is now going to be a TV series.

More artwork
Tim holleyman velasquez 11Tim holleyman nasafinal 04Tim holleyman skull